Fourth Year Requirements

The fourth year programs are planned as a mix of elective rotations, time for interview and reflection, and demanding clinical rotations which will enhance the confidence and competence of the student in preparation for entering clinical practice.

The Year IV program includes three 4-week experiences each in Community Medicine, two of the following: Critical Care, Geriatrics or Emergency Medicine and a sub-internships. In addition, 17 weeks of elective experiences are required with at least 8 weeks of electives from Mercer-sponsored courses. Eight weeks of vacation time is provided to allow sufficient time for residency interviews. The Year culminates in a week long Capstone course. The Year IV program is intended to allow students to round out their clinical training experience while exploring different specialties as career options.

Elective courses – 17 weeks

  • At least four (4) weeks must be MUSM-sponsored electives (electives catalog).
  • No more than 8 weeks may be taken (for credit) in any one subspecialty
  • Students must complete 8 weeks of elective courses designated  PCR (over half  time spent on direct patient care) ·        

Mandatory/selective courses (these do not count towards 8 weeks of PCR elective courses)

  •  Community Medicine – 4 weeks
  • You have a choice of two of the following selectives:
    Critical Care – 4 weeks ·        
    Emergency Medicine -  4 weeks ·        
    Geriatric and Palliative Medicine – 4 weeks · 
  • 4 weeks of a Sub-Internship (choose from options in the senior catalog or as an away rotation)
  • 8 weeks vacation/interview/discretionary time.  If you choose not to take electives during Christmas, you are required to use time from your 8 wk vacation allotment
  • Only approved rotations are covered by Mercer's malpractice insurance, don't take any electives during your vacation.  You may use part of your vacation to complete additional electives
  • For financial aid purposes, you must schedule at least 12 weeks of courses 1st semester and 12 weeks 2nd semester

Community Medicine

  • Memo enclosed helps to explain process, black out periods, last visit start date
  • Latest start date of your CM visit March 11, 2013, be aware of blackout dates
  • Complete the Community Medicine Senior Visit Request Form for your required visit. If you want to do a Community Medicine elective, complete the Community Medicine Senior Electives Request Form.
  • Return Community Medicine Senior Visit form by March 30, 2012
  • Do not contact your preceptor directly, Community Medicine will contact him/her
  • Changes to rotation (date/preceptor/location) must be made in writing on Community Medicine Request Form

Blocks for CC, ER & Radiology

  • Dates can not be altered
  • Blocks are set up due to teaching schedules
  • We will use lottery system if more than allotted #slots are requested
  • Try to work together, grid will be in lounge. Stay true to dates you signed up for. If you are changing dates, make sure you make the change on the grid in the lounge.
  • ER – Contact Holli Morgan 2-3 weeks prior to start of rotation to schedule shifts. Complete 14 shifts. Any schedule changes must be made with Ms. Morgan.
  • Required to do CC at Macon or Savannah. ER can be taken at Macon or Savannah or also at a hospital which has an ER residency or at a hospital which serves as the primary teaching hospital of an LCME accredited Medical school.

Non-MUSM rotations (away rotations)

  • Check websites for dates programs will accept your application
  • Check for fee and requirements. If it is a non-VSAS school and you need a transcript, complete transcript request form and send it to Macon/Registrar’s office. Not necessary for VSAS schools as you have already completed the form and transcript will be loaded into system.
  • 94 US Medical School programs are VSAS host schools
  • Complete Non-MUSM Electives form for each away rotation
  • Acceptance e-mail/letter must accompany form along with course description and objectives. This information is necessary for course approval and to determine if PCR credit can be granted. Form must be signed by your advisor prior to being given to me.
  • Information/approvals should be submitted no less than 8 weeks prior to visit
  • Electives not directly supervised by MUSM faculty may not be dropped once final arrangements have been made except with the written permission of both the external institution and the MUSM sponsoring department.

VSAS - Visiting Student Application System

  • You will only use VSAS if you are applying for a senior elective at a VSAS Host Institution
  • List of schools • Visit “Frequently asked questions” on the website, lots of good information, Student resources contains online tutorials
  • Review dates applications are accepted by individual schools/programs
  • $35 first school, $15 each school thereafter regardless of the number of elective you apply to at that institution. If you reapply to an Institution, you will not be charged a second application fee.
  • You may upload a CV if required by school
  • Most schools have specific immunization requirements. If so, you will need to print their form and have it completed by Employee Health.
  • Once you apply, the application is released, verify with your campus electives coordinator
  • Check your e-mails frequently for a reply back from the school, schools will reply to your Mercer e-mail address

Student Generated Elective (SGE)

  • Student-generated electives are designed by the student to meet specific educational needs for which there are not suitable existing alternatives.
  • Course must be approved by 4th Year Subcommittee prior to start. Complete paperwork at least 2 months in advance. All SGE’s MUST be typed.
  • Student must submit a complete and typed description of the experience including: preceptor, objectives of the course and the course description. If course will not be precepted by a MUSM faculty member, you must find one who is willing to oversee the course

Schedule Change Form

  • Complete the Schedule Change Form
  • Obtain your advisors signature prior to giving the form to me
  • Approved only if "added" course is available.  MUST be completed no less than 4 weeks prior to start of the first changed rotation

Evaluation Forms

  • You are responsible for giving a form to each of your preceptors prior to completion of the course, this includes non-MUSM preceptors
  • ER, Community Medicine and FAM.S14 use a different form
  • Use the single paged evaluation form for Non-PCR courses (readings) and the two paged evaluation with your picture on it for PCR courses.
  • If you run out, please contact your campus Electives Coordinator
  • If an evaluation form is not received for an elective you take, you will not receive credit for the elective