Internal Medicine Clerkship

Internal Medicine is a 12-week rotation (8 weeks Inpatient, 4 weeks Outpatient) on the Macon, Savannah, and Columbus campuses. The clerkship is designed to give the student increasing responsibility in patient care within the hospital wards and outpatient clinics.

The overall goal of the clerkship is growing independence. The majority of learning comes through personal experience so student are encouraged to not be bystanders. Their willingness to go out on a limb and take risks is expected.

Student evaluation is based on the RIME method. Each step is a synthesis of knowledge, skill, and attitudes.

REPORTER:  Can work professionally with patients and staff and accurately gather and clearly communicate the clinical facts on the patient and with the proper terminology (this takes basic knowledge of what is important, plus the skill and reliability to do it consistently).

INTERPRETER:  At a basic level, students must identify and prioritize new problems as they arise.  The next step is to offer a differential diagnosis.  Success is offering at least three reasonable possibilities for new problems and justifying those possibilities.  (Students won’t always have the “right” answer.)  This step takes growing knowledge, skill in selecting clinical facts and seeing oneself as part of the intellectual process.

MANAGER:  This step takes even more knowledge, and more confidence, plus the skill to select among options with one’s own patient, to be “proactive” rather than simply “reactive.” Generally, the diagnostic plan should include three appropriate test options and the therapeutic plan should offer three possible therapies. Students are expected to state their own preference (but they are not expected to always be correct).

EDUCATOR:  Ultimately, the student’s ability to help patients means an openness to new knowledge and depends on your skill in identifying questions that cannot be answered from textbooks. Is the student able to site the evidence that new therapies and tests are worthwhile?

Internal Medicine Clerkship Manual (2017-18)

For all Campuses - Class of 2019

Course Materials

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