Pediatrics Clerkship

The Pediatrics Clerkship is an 8-week educational experience delivered on three clinical campuses, Macon, Savannah, and Columbus. The fundamental purpose of the pediatric clerkship is to provide a structured environment in which each medical student acquires a basic knowledge of pediatric medicine as well as human growth and development. The clerkship is structured upon the principle that learning is an active process which can be accomplished only by the student. The role of the faculty is to provide guidance, stimulation and example.

Educational Objectives for Students in the Program are:

  • To master a core of basic science and clinical knowledge essential for the practice of pediatrics.
  • To be able to elicit a comprehensive history, perform a complete physical exam and develop a comprehensive management plan appropriate for the practice of pediatric medicine.
  • To be proficient in clinical problem solving, including interpretation of tests, performance of technical procedures and retrieving and utilizing bio-medical data.
  • To develop appropriate cultural sensitivity to effectively communicate with their patients and families as well as other health care professionals.
  • To be committed to life-long learning and quality medical care in an ethical, professional, and compassionate manner

Campus Specific Manuals (2017-2018)

Course Materials

Course materials can be found within the Canvas Learning Management System.