Psychiatry Clerkship

The Psychiatry Clerkship is a six week program on three clinical campuses, Macon, Savannah and Columbus. The two programs are separate, utilizing unique clinical venues but the curricular goals, educational objectives and assessments are identical.

Clerkship Goals

  • The student will develop competency in psychiatric evaluation and treatment.
  • The student will develop knowledge and skills that will assist in recognizing and treating psychiatric illness in primary care, emergency, and other non-psychiatric settings.
  • The student will develop interview skills and skills in developing therapeutic alliances with patients.
  • The student will develop the knowledge base necessary to pass USMLE steps 2 and 3 and to obtain the core knowledge in psychiatry and the behavioral sciences that is considered necessary to the practice of medicine.

Campus Specific Clerkship Manuals (2017-2018)

Course Materials

Course materials can be found within the Canvas Learning Management System.