Diagnostic Imaging Curriculum Thread

Overall goal

To provide a longitudinal radiology curriculum which covers core topics in diagnostic imaging that are appropriate for a general medical education.


The radiology curriculum is interwoven through all four years of the curriculum.Basic terminology and normal anatomy are emphasized through inclusion of specific imaging learning objectives within the biomedical problems program.In addition, imaging studies are embedded within cases to facilitate the discussion of diagnostic imaging objectives within the context of clinical cases.In the third year, a greater focus is placed on imaging modalities and the identification of common pathologic conditions.Learning objectives for the third year curriculum are embedded into the clerkships and the yearlong radiology seminary series.This curriculum is arranged by modality. The imaging thread continues into the 4th year capstone course, where imaging sessions are designed to review common and "don't miss" imaging findings prior to the start of residency.

Course information can be found in the Blackboard Online Course Delivery system.