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The Doctor of Medicine degree is currently offered on the Macon and Savannah campuses at Mercer University School of Medicine. The premedical requirements are two semesters with an affiliated laboratory in general biology, general or inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and general physics. Accepted applicants who have not fulfilled these requirements prior to the first day of enrollment are not permitted to enter, and their acceptances are revoked. Only individuals who are legal residents of Georgia at the time of application are accepted.

Mercer University School of Medicine accepts applicants who have completed a minimum of three years of course work leading to a baccalaureate degree, 90 semester hours, in an approved college or university. Students are advised to balance their work in the natural sciences with courses in the social sciences and humanities. In addition, they are urged to follow their inclinations in choosing a subject to pursue as a major.

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"Problem based learning has allowed me to adjust, and to control my own schedule. At first it was difficult to decide what and how to study. Soon I learned that my classmates, teachers, and their knowledge are my greatest resources."

Michael Sims
Class of 2014

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