You have an offer of acceptance - next steps

To acceptees to the MD program (entering Aug 2019; the Class of 2023):

Congratulations on the offer of acceptance to attend the MD program at Mercer University School of Medicine!   The official offer of acceptance e-mailed to you from the MUSM Admissions Office includes a lot of important information that needs your attention.  If you wish to accept the offer, here are next steps at a glance.  Please bookmark this page and check back periodically for updates.

1) Paying Your Deposit to Hold a Spot in the Incoming Class:
You can pay your deposit online at 
(The User name is your AAMC ID, and the Password is the one you were sent in an e-mail communication from our Admissions Office when you were invited to submit a Secondary Application).  This will allow your Campus Preference Request to be processed as soon as your deposit is received.  Within 2 business days of receipt of your deposit online, the Admissions Office will notify you by e-mail of its receipt. 

2) Sign and Return the Official Acceptance Letter: 
Please print a copy of the official Acceptance Letter, sign where requested and mail an original copy to (please adhere to the format below):

Mercer University
School of Medicine Admissions Office
1501 Mercer University Drive
Macon, GA 31207

If you are sending it by FEDEX/courier, please use this address: Mercer University School of Medicine, 1550 College St, Macon, GA 31207.

3) AAMC Facilitated Criminal Background Check: 

For those accepted via the Early Decision Program, you should receive an e-mail from Certiphi Inc. or Vertical Screen Inc. that prompts you to complete forms needed to initiate a Criminal Background Check facilitated by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).  You will receive this e-mail at the e-mail address you specified on your Primary AMCAS Application.   The e-mail will have a link to 

For those accepted via Regular Pool, the e-mail is sent starting the first week of January of the expected year of matriculation.  If you have been accepted in January or later,  you should receive the e-mail within 2 business days of an offer of acceptance to you.  Please respond to this e-mail promptly.  Please check your Spam/Junk folder to ensure you do not miss this communication.  Please complete all steps to authorize the background check.  Also please release the results of the background check to Mercer University School of Medicine promptly.  

4) List of Enclosures in the E-mailed Acceptance Packet:

  1. Technical Standards & Physical Exam Form
  2. AAMC Standard Immunization Form
  3. Form for Medical Verification of Disability
  4. Application Form to Request Accommodations
  5. Student Code of Honor and Professional Conduct
  6. Dress Code for MUSM MD Students
  7. Campus Preference Request Form
  8. Information on Financial Aid from the Office of Student Financial Planning
  9. Documentation in Support of Declaration of Domicile in the State of GA
  10. Required Premedical Course Form

5) Processing Site Preference Requests:  As noted in the Acceptance Letter, please be advised we may not be able to guarantee assigning you to the campus (or campuses) you prefer.  If we are unable to grant you your first or second campus choice, we will be happy to waitlist you for your first two choices, and let you know what your waitlist number is.  For Early Assurance applicants, campus preference processing occurs after eventual acceptance in June 2019.

6) Requesting Accommodations:  If you are seeking accommodation for a disability, please contact Dr. Patrick Roche (; Phone: (478) 301-2652), Associate Dean of Student Affairs (Macon Campus), regardless of your campus preference, as soon as you can and at least by April 30, 2019.  As required by law, students requiring accommodations for a disability must initially self-identify as a student with a disability by registering with the Office of Access and Accommodation Services.  Requesting accommodations is an interactive process and should be completed in a timely manner using the two forms below to allow adequate time for accommodation arrangements to be made. 

  1. Form for Medical Verification of Disability
  2. Application Form to Request Accommodations

Please see for more information.

7) A Note on Transcripts:  Please note that unless otherwise specified we need a final copy of your official transcript that includes the date and title of the undergraduate degree awarded.  If transcripts will be delivered electronically, please use as the recipient e-mail address.

8) Questions on Financial Aid: Once you accept the offer with a deposit, admissions staff will enter your information in our Student Enrollment System, and it is then that the Office of Student Financial Planning is able to look up FAFSA information and answer any questions acceptees may have on financial aid.  For those accepted by end of May 2019, Financial Aid award letters will be sent by mid-June 2019.

Susan Lumsden, Director of Student Financial Planning, Phone: (478) 301-2539

 9) Questions on Immunization:  These should be directed to the Mercer University Student Health Center.  The Admissions Office is unable to answer any questions about whether or not a specific immunization is adequate or not.  Questions on the Physical Exam Form and/or Immunizations should be addressed to,  Phone: (478) 301-2696.  Link to the Student Health Center here. 

10) Would you like to have a guided tour of any of our campuses?  Please sign up at

11) Will you be moving to the Columbus campus for Years 3 & 4?  Here is some information about the Columbus CampusFurther questions about living near the Columbus Campus can be directed to Janelle Hollis, Clerkship Coordinator (Columbus Campus), E-mail:, Phone: (706) 223-5181.

12) Official Mercer University School of Medicine Facebook Page:

13) Looking to network with current students at MUSM? Below are links to Facebook pages of current classes of students at the School of Medicine.

  • Class of 2023:

14) For an Overview of the MD Curriculum and the Academic Calendar, please visit 

15) Dates of Orientation: Orientation begins the week of August 5, 2019.

16)  Stethoscopes:  Stethoscopes will be gifted.  There is no need to purchase one.

17) White Coat Ceremony (Dates): 

Savannah Campus: TBD, August
Macon Campus: TBD, August

18) Mercer E-mail Addresses:  Mercer student e-mail accounts will be set up by IT from June 2019 onward for students that have accepted an offer of admission and have been entered in the Student Information System.  Upon receipt of the signed copy of the acceptance letter, deposit, and campus preference request, we will enter an acceptee in the Student Information System.  By the end of June 2019, all those who have accepted offers as of the end of May 2019 should expect to receive an e-mail notification at the e-mail address provided on the Primary AMCAS Application once a Mercer e-mail address has been created.  This e-mail will come from Kevin Hatifield in the IT Division at Mercer.

19) Are requests for deferral of matriculation considered?  We consider requests for deferral of matriculation by a year on a case by case basis.  Requests should be made in writing outlining the circumstances to no later than May 30, 2019.  Approval of a request should not be assumed.  

20) Has your contact information changed?  Please notify us at  Please include your full name, AAMC ID, phone number, and the program to which you have been accepted in the e-mail.