Medical Ethics and Professionalism


Ethics and professionalism at Mercer University School of Medicine starts with the most general topics in the first year (principles of ethics, informed consent, and confidentiality), to examining the integrity of medical evidence in the second year, to a variety of topics particular to each specialty in the third year.  Suggested topics for each clerkship are described in the following pages, but they are not adhered to rigidly.  When a topic in the news is "hot," when a case seen during the clerkship poses important questions, or when a faculty member available for a clerkship has special expertise, the suggested topics may give way.  But students should be aware that the topics described are important in those specialties, and those planning on going into a specialty would be well-advised to become familiar with ethical dilemmas related to that specialty.

Professionalism and medical ethics in clinical clerkships - Powerpoint presentation