Professional Growth and Development Blocks

Mentor Scholarly Concentration Project

About the Project

Mercer University School of Medicine has revised the preclinical curriculum.  Through the Professional Growth and Development Blocks, the curriculum now offers first year medical students the opportunity to explore areas of interest under the guidance of a mentor.  Our medical students have great interest in working with faculty, staff, and community partners to participate in projects that can enhance their medical education as well as contribute positively to health. Project terms are for 18 months, beginning in January of the first year of medical school and extending to the end of the second year of medical school.

Block Goals

  1. Provide a longitudinal educational experience through structured and experiential learning activities
  2. Develop student understanding of an area of his/her own interest related to medicine
  3. Enhance self-directed learning skills
  4. Improve oral and written communication skills
  5. Produce a scholarly product
  6. Develop reflective capacity

The areas of concentration that will be available for the students to choose from include: (1) Molecular and Cellular Research; (2) Clinical and Translational Research; (3) Health Equity, Prevention, and Population Health; (4) Health Care Transformation and Leadership; (5) Community Engagement/Service Learning. (View Track Descriptions - Adobe PDF)

If you have a project which lends itself to student involvement or if you are willing to serve as a mentor and develop a project with a student (i.e. you have an interest but no defined project), we invite you to complete the “Mentor Scholarly Project Proposal Form” so that students may contact you by email to explore mutual interests.  You may submit more than one project and both submissions will remain in the database. If a submission needs to be removed from this database or if there is an error, please email

MUSM appreciates your willingness to work with students and your contribution to enhancing their education.