October-December 2016   

Identify an area of concentration and potential project with student.

Jan 2-20, 2017

3-week protected time period for student to attend required curricular sessions; work with their mentor to plan the project; prepare a detailed project proposal for the mentor’s approval

Jan 23, 2017- May 2018   

18 month period in which student works on project

June 30, 2017

Progress Report Due

Summer 2017

8-week summer break; some students may work on project

September 30, 2017

Progress Report Due

December 31, 2017

Progress Report Due

March 31, 2017

Progress Report Due

June 18 -July 6, 2018        

3 week protected time period to complete project

July 6, 2018

Submission of final project

Fall, 2018

Fall Scholarship Forum-Students will present posters, oral presentations, etc. in an academic setting