Track Descriptions

Molecular and Cellular Research

Students address fundamental questions in the basic sciences that become the basis for advancing medicine. Students will work with the mentor to identify a specific role for the student in ongoing projects or to design a project that includes a role for the student.

Clinical and Translational Research

Students pursue clinical and translational research that characterizes such dynamics as the mechanisms of disease, the factors influencing health, and the therapies used to improve health.

Health Equity, Prevention, and Population Health

Students build knowledge, experience, and capacity regarding the health needs of rural, underserved, and other vulnerable and/or disadvantaged populations at the individual and population level. Potential projects might be related to health disparities, social determinants of health, health equity, and lifestyle issues of physicians and their patients.

Health Care Transformation and Leadership 

Students will explore how healthcare systems, governments, physicians, health care professionals and patients interact to deliver health care.  Projects in this concentration area might emphasize health outcomes, patient safety, quality improvement, leadership, advocacy, conflict and change management, economics of medical practice, and transformation of health care systems. 

Community Engagement and Service Learning

Students may develop a project with a community engagement/service learning focus in collaboration with a community partner/mentor.  This track combines experiential learning with opportunities to meet societal and community needs.