Research Committee

The Research Committee serves as a liaison between persons engaged in research and the administration of the School.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Research Committee 

The duties and responsibilities of this committee shall be as follows: 

  1. To advise the Dean, through the Executive Council, on the implementation of administrative programs and policies instituted for the support of research. 
  2. To receive and disseminate information from the Dean's Office on issues that impact research. 
  3. To serve as a forum for the discussion of improvement and expansion of research activity.
  4. To communicate needs or problems related to research and the research environment to the Dean's Office.
  5. To make recommendations for the coordination of programs to enhance research and the research environment. 
  6. To make recommendations for the coordination of activities with other committees involved with research.
  7. To promote the dissemination of information regarding research at the School. 
  8. To promote collaborative research.


The Research Committee shall consist of ten voting members who are actively engaged in research or are facilitating research:

  1. Four Faculty members from clinical departments.
  2. Three Faculty members from Basic Medical Sciences.
  3. One Faculty member from Community Medicine.
  4. One Faculty member from the Medical Library.
  5. The assistant or associate dean whose responsibilities most involve research as determined by the Dean shall be an ex officio member.

Current Committee Members

Clinical Faculty

  • Alexis Gage - Savannah Campus
  • Anthony Royek - Savannah
  • Peter Uchakin - Macon Campus
  • Paul Seale - Macon Campus

Basic Medical Sciences Faculty

  • James Knapp, Chair - Savannah Campus
  • Robert McKallip - Macon Campus
  • Wei-Hsiung Yang - Savannah Campus

Community Medicine Faculty

  • Jennifer Barkin - Macon

Medical Library Faculty

  • Anna Krampl - Macon