Research Opportunities for Medical Students


Medical students at Mercer University have several opportunities to participate in research on a basic science, translational, or clinical topic. First year medical students are encouraged to participate in the summer scholars program in the summer between their first and second years (below). Opportunities are available for third and fourth year medical students to work on projects involving clinical/translational research. Fourth year medical students can continue a research project by taking a two to eight week special topics elective. Third and fourth year medical students in Savannah are encouraged to present their results at the Research Day at University Memorial Health System. For more information, students should contact participating faculty members in Macon or the clinical research directors in Savannah.

Research Scholars Program

The student scholar program is a 6 week research experience and is open to any first year MUSM student. Faculty have submitted proposals outlining their project and the role of the student on that project. Those proposals are listed below. There are research opportunities available on both campuses and you are welcome to apply for an opportunity on either campus but no travel or housing expenses are covered by the program. Every student who participates will be given an $1,800 stipend for the 6 week experience. In addition to participating on the project, each student is expected to attend a weekly lunch seminar series and to present a summary (15 minute power point presentation) of their findings during a series of sessions in the fall of 2015.

The first-year MUSM students will receive an email in March, 2016, with links that contain descriptions of the research projects available in Summer, 2016. The process for next year matching is as follows. Read through the proposals and identify a few which interest you. Contact the faculty sponsor and arrange a meeting, these may be in person or over the phone. After meeting with the faculty, decide whether or not you would like to pursue the project. If the faculty member is in agreement, a match is made. We appreciate that you have only 7 weeks vacation between the end of Year I and the beginning of Year II. You are encouraged to take a week holiday and may make arrangements with your faculty sponsor to take that holiday at any point during the summer. As we get nearer to the start date, you will be required to provide additional information so that hiring compliance issues are addressed prior to the start of the program.

Faculty Adviser Applications


Faculty/Student Match-ups