Faculty/Student Match-ups - Class of 2013

Macon Campus

Student        Advisor
Robin Jacob    Dr. David Gu
Chelsey Bayer Dr. Andon Placzek
Carson McCall Swanson Dr. Jalal Ghali
Melody Bowen Dr. Mark Dorogy


Savannah Campus 

Student    Advisor
Miles Love   Dr. Dominique Broccoli
Matt Pearce Dr. Dominique Broccoli
Richard Tyler Barnes Dr. Martin Greenberg
Austin Rogers Dr. Martin Greenberg
Adam Kase   Dr. Robert Visalli
Hayden Salts  Dr. Robert Visalli
Laila Moraczewski   Dr. Robert Visalli
Haresh Soorma Dr. Uddhav Kelavkar
Ross Christopher Dr. James Knapp
Cory Gunn Dr. Ron Garner
Jill Sharma Dr. Ron Garner
Stephen Chambers Dr. Aaron Pederson
Lisa McCraw Dr. Aaron Pederson
Carly Winters Dr. Natalie Hogan

Download the final copy of the Faculty/Student Match Up for the Class of 2013. (Adobe PDF)