Faculty Adviser Applications


Students should read through the proposals and identify a few which interest them. Then contact the faculty sponsor and arrange to meet; this may be in person or over the phone. If, after meeting, the faculty member and the student agree they would like to work together, a match is made. Please notify Dr. James Knapp when you have made a match and identify the student. We will then remove that proposal from the web site. This process will continue until all projects are matched to a student.

Table 1 - Macon and Savannah Campus Faculty Applications

Revised Friday, April 22, 2016

Macon Savannah
Gretchen L. Bentz (Filled) Aseem K. Bhandari (Filled)
Paul Dale (Filled) KJ Browner-Elhanan (Filled)

Joseph Van De Water Application 1 (Filled)

oseph Van De Water Application 2 (Filled)

Hiamngshu Bose (Filled)
Robert J. McKallip William Burak, Jr. (Filled)
Andrea S. Meyer (Filled) David Byck (Filled)
Darren D. Moore (Filled) Ronald Garner and James Knapp

Martin Greenberg (Filled)

  • Application 1
  • Application 2
Misael Rodriguez (Filled) James Knapp (Filled)
J. Paul Seale Jennifer Li (Filled)
Morgan A. Stinson Chris Senkowski
Laura Suh (Filled) Robert Visalli (Filled)
  Christopher E. Walls (Filled)
  Wei-Hsiung Yang (Filled)
  Zhi-Qing Zhao (Filled)