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Mercer University School of Medicine (MUSM) Student Handbooks set forth the major polices and procedures affecting students enrolled in the educational programs of the School of Medicine. Get more Information.

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Mercer University School of Medicine students have a number of organizations that they can participate in or even form a new group. Get more Information.

Student Support

We anticipate that some students will continue (as they always have) to recognize that they are coping poorly with stress and seek assistance before impairment occurs. It is not uncommon for students to experience heightened levels of stress, insecurity and in some cases anxiety and depression while attending medical school.  Additionally, students may find themselves at risk of abusing alcohol and drugs.  Coupled with the demands of the medical curriculum are life events that occur outside of the classroom.  Students may experience a significant breakup or divorce, the illness or death of a loved one, or personal illness. Under such circumstances it is a sign of strength for a person to seek help. The School of Medicine utilizes the structure of the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs to provide resources and facilitate referral for students in such circumstances.

Disability and Testing Accommodations Policy

If a student has a disabling condition he or she may be eligible for accommodations.  It is in the intent of Mercer University School of Medicine (MUSM) to create a transparent accommodations environment for those students receiving testing accommodations.  Students who believe that they should receive testing accommodations should contact the Associate Dean of Student Affairs in Macon at 478-301-2652 ( to begin the application process. 

As required by law, students requiring accommodations for a disability must initially self-identify as a student with a disability by registering with the Office of ACCESS and Accommodation Services. Requesting accommodations is an interactive process and should be completed in a timely manner to allow adequate time for accommodation arrangements to be made.  Accommodations may be requested at any time during the academic year regardless of when the student is diagnosed. 

For complete instruction on requirements, see the current version of the MD Program Handbook, or contact Student Affairs.

Contact Information - Student Affairs

Macon Campus

Helen Menchinger, Student Affairs Specialist
Phone: (478) 301-2652
W. Patrick Roche III, MD
Assoc. Dean of Student Affairs
Assoc. Professor of Family Medicine
Phone: 478-301-2652

Savannah Campus

Misty Graham, Coordinator of Admissions & Student Affairs
Phone: (912) 721-8147
Robert Shelley, MD
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Phone: (912) 721-8146

Columbus Campus

Janelle Hollis, Clerkship Coordinator
Phone: (706) 223-5181

Alice Aumann House, MD, FAAFP
olumbus Campus Dean
Professor of Family Medicine
33 West 11th Street, P.O. Box 870
Columbus, GA 31902-0870
Phone: (706)-223-5179