Health Insurance

The insurance plan that is sponsored by Mercer is commonly referred to as " the school insurance", or "Pearce and Pearce".  The important "name" to remember when seeking a provider is the PPO group, which is First Health/SouthCare.More information can be found at the Mercer University website at

Insurance cards are not mailed out until after the end of Open Enrollment, but you can print out a temporary card from the Pearce & Pearce website. However, the insurance is in effect during that time, and if you are enrolled in this insurance, you will be covered.

Each covered student must create an online account by going to, and following the instructions. Many services are available on your account, including the monthly "Student Health 101" magazine.

Students are required by Mercer University to have health insurance each semester.  If you have your own insurance, or are covered under your parents insurance, you need to get a waiver EACH SEMESTER.  Otherwise you will automatically get billed for the school's insurance (Pierce and Pierce).  In addition, if you are continuing on the Pearce and Pearce health insurance and you need coverage early on in the semester, you need to activate it by going to the website. 

For additional information, please see the University Student Health Insurance Website.

MUSM also purchases disability Insurance for each student in the MD program.  For additional information, please contact the Dean of Student Affairs at