Family Medicine Clerkship

The Family Medicine Clerkship is an 8-week experience based primarily on two clinical campuses, Macon and Savannah. The program involves both ambulatory care and in-service patient care experiences.

The overall goal of the family medicine clerkship is to provide an outstanding learning experience for all medical students. At the completion of the clerkship, students will be able to effectively and competently evaluate a patient and produce a competent history and physical that facilitates differential diagnosis and the development of a treatment plan. We strive to ensure that students develop the knowledge base necessary to obtain the core knowledge that is considered necessary to the practice of medicine. Socializing medical students into the best of the culture of medicine such that they develop an enduring commitment to the care of patients is an overarching theme of the clerkship.

The objectives of the Family Medicine Clerkship are to:

  • demonstrate the unequivocal value of primary care as an integral part of any health care system.
  • teach an approach to the evaluation and initial management of acute presentations commonly seen in the office setting.
  • teach an approach to the management of chronic illnesses that are commonly seen in the office setting.
  • teach an approach to conducting a wellness visit for a patient of any age or gender.
  • model the principles of family medicine care.
  • provide instruction in historical assessment, communication, physical examination, and clinical reasoning skills.

Clerkship Manual

Course Materials

Course materials can be found within the Canvas Learning Management System.