Brad Lian, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Community Medicine

Brad Lian

Office phone: 478-301-4097
Location: Room 2031, Mercer University School of Medicine, 1550 College Street, Macon, GA  31207


Educational Background

University of Alabama, M.A., Ph.D., Political Science, 1992, 1996.

CA State University at Northridge, B.A., Political Science, 1990.


Previous Institutions
University of Alabama, Ph.D., Political Science, 1996.
CA State University at Northridge, B.A., Political Science, 1990.

Current Research
My research interests revolve around assessment and low-income and underserved populations. Specifically, my interests concern psychosocial (e.g., hopelessness, sense of community, instability, optimism) and behavioral (e.g., violence, substance use, delinquency) factors related to health and human development. I enjoy collaborating with others on issues related to underserved, disadvantaged, and rural populations.

Current Research Grants

  • County High School Breast Cancer Education Campaign. Susan G. Komen Foundation, 11/1/15 – 10/31/16
  • A Comparative Assessment of the Planning and Implementation of Healthy Communities in Georgia. Georgia Department of Public Health (Health Promotion Initiative GIA-466), 6/1/16 – 5/31/17

Recent Publications

  1. Lian, B. (2016). On Some Types and Consequences of After-school Activities in Low-Income Neighborhoods. In N. Finigan-Carr (Ed.), Linking Health and Education for African American Students’ Success. Abingdon, UK: Taylor & Francis Press.
  2. Lian, B., Robinson, M., Abiero, B., and Kamara, P. (2015). Suicidal Ideation among Black Youth. Journal of Healthcare, Science, and Humanities, 5(2), 79-93.
  3. Gaddis, C. L. R., Lian, B., Kelly, N., & Thompson, L. (2015). Implementation of the Food Access and Security Assessment among Public Housing Residents.  Journal of the Georgia Public Health Association, 5(2), 165-169.
  4. Kamara, P., Lian, B., Smith, J.H., & McChargue, J. (2015). Immunization Policies for Employees of Childcare facilities within the North Central Health District of Georgia. Journal of the Georgia Public Health Association, 5(1), 57-69.
  5. Lian, B., Schoenberger, Y., & Kohler, C. (2015). Older Adult Health in Alabama’s Black Belt Region. Journal of Cancer Education. DOI: 10.1007/s13187-014-0779-7
  6. Lian, B., Kohler, C. & Ross, L. (2015). On Some Practical Considerations Regarding Community-Based Participatory Research for Addressing Cancer Health Disparities. Journal of Cancer Education. DOI: 10.1007/s13187-014-0782-z
  7. Lian, B. & Bolland, J. (2014). Perceptions of Parental Figure Stability among Adolescents in Low-Income Neighborhoods. North American Journal of Psychology, 16, 463-480.
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