Eric K. Shaw, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Community Medicine
Research Coordinator, Memorial University Medical Center

Eric Shaw

Office phone: 912-721-8205
Location: 1250 East 66th St., Savannah, GA 31404

Rutgers University, Ph.D., Sociology, 2003
Rutgers University, M.A., Sociology, 1998
Spring Arbor University, B.A. Sociology, 1993

Current Research:
Much of my research has focused on understanding the complexities of and developing ways to improve healthcare delivery primarily within primary care systems.  Through multiple NIH-funded grants, I have collaborated with primary care researchers to test various team-based, facilitator-led quality improvement efforts aimed at colorectal cancer screening, depression screening, and diabetes care.  As a medical sociologist, I have brought sociological insights into how organizational characteristics such as communication, trust, and leadership shape ongoing quality improvement efforts and practice transformation.  Additionally, as a research methodologist, I have conducted numerous qualitative and mixed-methods analyses that have shed light on the complexities of team functioning, organizational change, as well as patient perspectives and preferences in health care.

Recent Publications:

  • Friedman A, Howard J, Shaw EK, Cohen DJ, Shahidi L, Ferrante JM. Facilitators and barriers to care coordination in patient-centered medical homes from coordinators’ perspectives. Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, 2016, 29(1):90-101.
  • Ferrante JM, Friedman A, Shaw EK, Howard J, Cohen DJ, Shahidi L. Lessons learned designing and using an online discussion forum for care coordinators in primary care. Qualitative Health Research, 2015, [epub ahead of print].
  • Friedman A, Hahn K, Etz R, Rehwinkel A, Miller WL, Nutting PA, Jaen CR, Shaw EK, Crabtree BF. A typology of primary care workforce innovations in the United States since 2000. Medical Care, 2014, 52(2):101-11.
  • Shaw EK, Ohman-Strickland P, Piasecki A, Hudson SV, Ferrante JM, McDaniel RR, Nutting PA, Crabtree BF. Effects of facilitated team meetings and learning collaboratives on colorectal cancer screening rates in primary care practices: a cluster randomized trial. Annals of Family Medicine, 2013, 11(3):220-8, S1-8.
  • Shaw EK, Howard J, Clark EC, Etz RS, Arya R, Tallia AF. Decision-making processes of patients who use the emergency department for primary care needs. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 2013, 24(3):1288-305.
  • Shaw EK, Scott JG, Ferrante JM. The influence of family ties on men’s prostate cancer screening, biopsy, and treatment decisions. American Journal of Men’s Health, 2013, 7(6):461-471.
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