Standing Committees

Committee Descriptions

Committee Memberships


Executive Council

Responsibilities include providing consultation to the Dean on matters of academic policy and strategic planning; serving as a forum for the dissemination of information and exchange of ideas and perspectives.


Responsibilities of the Admissions Committee include i.) determine qualified students and to admit all pre-doctoral students into the School in adherence with the academic mission of the School and with the admissions policies and criteria established by the Committee; (ii) to make recommendations related to the recruitment of students. Policy recommendations shall be reported to the Executive Council, whereas recommendations related to implementation of existing policies shall be reported to the Dean; and iii) to explore and review admissions criteria on an ongoing basis and to submit recommendations for changes to admissions criteria to the Executive Council. 
For details on eligibility criteria, applicant review, deadlines and other frequently asked questions related to the admissions process please visit here.

Appeals and Grievance

Should a faculty member file a grievance, committee members will work with the faculty member grieving to identify another member to serve on the committee to hear the grievance. The committee is convened only if there is a grievance that requires response by the school committee.

Curriculum & Instruction

Responsibilities include defining the educational objectives/student competencies and the methods for assuring that students achieve these competences across the four-year program. The committee evaluates the competencies, objectives, content, and pedagogy of each component of the curriculum.

Diversity Advisory Committee

Responsibilities include identifying opportunities for school programming and activities to promote and provide advising and guidance on recommendations related to:  creating an inclusive climate at MUSM, developing diversity and inclusion content in the MUSM curriculum, recruiting a diverse student body, as well as a diverse faculty and support staff at MUSM.

Faculty Promotions and Tenure Committee

Responsibilities include providing assistance to faculty regarding the policies and procedures for promotion and tenure; reviewing applications and making recommendations to the Dean regarding the granting of promotion and tenure; making recommendations to the Executive Council regarding standards and guidelines for tenure and promotion.

Information Technology and Advisory Committee (ITAC)

The role of the committee is to bring together representatives of the MUSM IT user groups to provide vision, oversight, and guidance to optimize effectiveness and efficiency of the MUSM IT operations for all user groups.

Library & Learning Resources

Responsibilities include making recommendations on the development of the collection for the libraries and learning resources centers; making recommendations on user policies; and assisting in developing procedures and priorities for acquisitions.

Nominating Committee

Responsibilities include soliciting nominations and preparing the slate of proposed candidates for election to the Executive Council, the Standing Committees, and the position of Secretary to the Faculty.


Responsibilities include advising the Dean on the implementation of programs and policies related to research; disseminating information on issues impacting research; promoting collaborative research; communicating information related to needs or problems related to research to the Dean.

Rules and By-laws

Responsibilities include reviewing the bylaws annually; proposing or considering revisions to the bylaws; resolving differences in interpretation of the bylaws; interpreting the rules, regulations, and procedures of the School; ensuring consistency among policies and procedures of handbooks, bylaws, etc.