Educational Projects

Educational projects that partner with schools or community groups focused on children are a great idea for DISC projects. Projects examples include:

  • Tutoring/mentoring programs at schools or community centers
  • Teddy Bear Clinics at schools/ organizations/ health fairs or farmers markets
  • Healthy eating/nutrition classes for children
  • Sports or mentor activities with afterschool programs

There are certain protocols present in schools and organizations that should be followed when considering this type of project. Please look below for information to consider when planning this type of DISC project:

  • Students must follow sanctioned local school board/organization policies for volunteers. This may include submitting to a background check and fingerprinting.
  • While students do have a background check on file at Mercer, the school board/organization may require their own separate one for volunteers.
  • Students should have a contact person within school administration/organization (such as the principal or person assigned by the principal or director) to serve as a liaison between students and school/organization. This is to ensure that if questions or issues arise, they are properly addressed by the students and school/organization.
  • Each school/organization has specific information for the volunteer to learn. Volunteers should set up an orientation for volunteers with the school or organization to familiarize themselves on school/organization policies.
  • Check with the school/organization to see where volunteers need to sign in/out during their hours.
  • If the activity falls outside of school/organization regular hours or locations, make sure to have the children involved sign a permission slip. An example permission slip is below:
  • Know and follow all of the school/ organization's safety rules.
  • If an accident occurs, immediately notify a staff member.
  • Never move a child involved in an accident. A member of the staff should initiate proper procedures.
  • If you are hurt or involved in an accident while serving in your volunteer capacity, you should report the incident and complete an accident report immediately
  • Do not discipline children. If there is an issue, go to the teacher/staff representative immediately.

Educational Examples