Group Project Criteria

General Project Hints:

 It is important to consider the time commitment needed on the project and the making sure your project is achievable and potentially sustainable for others to take over after your departure from Mercer University. Here are some hints on how to make outreach and projects successful:

  • Start to plan the project by creating a timeline with milestones needed to accomplish and outcomes of the project.  The more information you can give to the DISC committee concerning implementation of the program the more likely the project will be approved quickly.
  • Make sure the volunteer group involved has an understanding of the project and assign tasks to the individuals in the group. 
  • Train volunteers prior to the event so volunteers are aware of their responsibilities, time commitments and other valuable information.
  • As with all DISC projects, remember to take photos and document/reflect on shortfalls and successes with the project. 
  • If your project needs supplies, please attach a budget to your application, along with funding information. The DISC committee does not fund projects. There is an example budget on the application.

Group Project Criteria

  • Project group size is dependent on the size and scope of the project. We recommend group projects should be no more than 4 students. Approval of larger groups made on a case by case basis by the DISC Committee.
  • Each group member must have a specific role that is outlined in the project proposal.
  • If an individual is added to the group (because of expansion of the project or to replace a member), the new member must still complete all project hours and be approved by the DISC committee before they can join the project. If they have existing volunteer hours, they will be able to apply these hours to this project.
  • If a member of the group leaves for any reason, the remaining member(s) have the option of finding a replacement member for the group. The member that left can still count their volunteer hours towards a different project however cannot use the accrued project hours towards a different project. Their new project proposal must be submitted and approved by the DISC Committee.
  • Inheriting Existing Projects: If a student/group has fulfilled their project requirements and there is interest by other student/group to sustain that project, they can submit a new project proposal to the DISC committee for approval. The DISC Project Proposal application should be used and the student/group taking over the project should include details on how they will make this project "their own."

Application Examples