Savannah Campus

MUSM SavannahThe Savannah Campus is one of three Mercer University School of Medicine campuses.  The Mercer School of Medicine was founded as a public-private partnership in 1982 in order to respond to a critical shortage of primary care physicians in rural Georgia.

Mercer's medical involvement in Savannah began in 1996 when Mercer University established a clinical relationship with Memorial Health, which provided instruction for third and fourth year medical students at the Mercer School of Medicine.  Established as a four year educational program in 2008, the Savannah Campus allows medical students to complete all four years of medical school in Savannah. Memorial Health serves as a teaching hospital for Mercer University School of Medicine.  Memorial Health remains the sponsoring institution for the residency program officially called the Mercer University School of Medicine (Savannah) Program.

The Savannah Campus has very strong medical education programs and a great learning environment.  It's significant, and growing research and service programs are recognized nationally and internationally.

Academic Departments

Research at Mercer University School of Medicine  (Savannah)

Visiting the Savannah Campus: 1250 East 66th Street, Savannah, Georgia 31404