Faculty Research Committee

The Research Committee serves as a liaison between persons engaged in research and the administration of the School.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Research Committee

  • To advise the Dean, through the Executive Council, on the implementation of administrative programs and policies instituted for the support of research.
  • To receive and disseminate information from the Dean’s Office on issues that impact research.
  • To serve as a forum for the discussion of improvement and expansion of research activity.
  • To communicate needs or problems related to research and the research environment to the Dean’s Office.
  • To make recommendations for the coordination of programs to enhance research and the research environment.
  • To make recommendations for the coordination of activities with other committees involved with research.
  • To promote the dissemination of information regarding research at the School.
  • To promote collaborative research.


The Research Committee consists of nine voting members who are actively engaged in research or are facilitating research:

  • Four faculty members from clinical departments.
  • Three faculty members from Biomedical Sciences.
  • One faculty member from Community Medicine.
  • One faculty member from the Medical Library.

For more information about the Faculty Research Committee, please contact Committee Chair Mohammed Abdelsaid, PhD.