Clinical Research

Backed by the academic resources of Mercer University and the Mercer University School of Medicine, Mercer Medicine physicians participate in numerous clinical research trials and our patients are routinely offered the opportunity to participate and receive investigational treatment through these clinical trials. Many of these trials are developed by investigators and many are multi-institutional trials developed by pharmaceutical companies, the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other federal agencies. All clinical research trials must go through a rigorous review process conducted by the Mercer University Institutional Review Board.

A clinical trial is a form of research that uses human volunteers, or participants, to help answer specific questions about new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases. Clinical trials are important to advancing medicine because they allow researchers to work with patients who are suffering from the same condition that the researchers are trying to treat. For example, a clinical trial could involve testing a new drug for reducing high cholesterol levels in study participants who currently suffer from high cholesterol with the end result of the trial determining the drug’s overall effectiveness.

It is important to have a basic understanding about clinical trials before making the decision to participate in a trial. For questions regarding a specific clinical trial, please contact the research coordinator for the trial in which you are interested.

Clinical Trials with Mercer

More information about clinical research trials with Mercer University School of Medicine can be found on, a National Institutes of Health website.


Below are some helpful websites with information about clinical research trials:

Numerous advances in medicine and improvements in health care have been achieved through clinical research trials and the participation of volunteers. While there are many benefits to participating in research trials, there can also be risks involved. It is important to speak with a physician before you decide to participate in a clinical research trial.

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