Family Therapy, M.F.T.

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    School of Medicine

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    Psychiatry and Behavioral Science

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    Master of Family Therapy

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    Atlanta and Macon

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In the early 1980s, Mercer University established the School of Medicine in response to an urgent need for primary care physicians and other allied health professionals such as family therapists in rural and other medically underserved areas of Georgia. With its first class entering in 1982, the School of Medicine continues to dedicate itself to meeting this mission and consistently ranks as one of the top U.S. medical schools in percentage of graduates choosing primary care fields.

The first faculty member hired in the new school was a family therapist, Dr. Mary Ann Armour. Dr. Armour taught medical and family therapy students how cultural concepts and values affect illness and treatment; how family structure, function, roles and relationships affect the dysfunctional family and distort or support illness and treatment; and how family patterns and stresses of past generations can affect present generations. By following this approach, the goal is for future physicians and family therapists to more accurately assess, diagnose and collaboratively treat patients/clients in the context of their family system.

The family therapy program remains an integral component of the School of Medicine training future physicians and family therapists. For over 35 years, under the supervision of Mercer University School of Medicine faculty, advanced graduate students and medical students have trained at the Mercer Family Therapy Centers (MFTC) located in Macon and Atlanta, Georgia. The MFTCs provide Georgia residents with a high-quality and low-cost option for dealing with adjustment, stress and mental health issues. Advanced graduate students provide family, couple and individual therapy while earning the Master of Family Therapy degree.

The program has a long tradition of preparing high-quality practitioners to work in a variety of settings including community mental health centers, substance abuse treatment agencies, hospitals, schools, private practice and academia.

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Mercer Family Therapy Center

The Mercer Family Therapy Center, with locations in Macon and Atlanta, offers patients a high quality and low-cost option for dealing with adjustment, stress and mental health issues.