Preclinical Sciences, M.S.

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    School of Medicine

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    Preclinical Sciences

  • Degree

    Master of Science

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The Master of Science in Preclinical Sciences (MSPCS) Program is a 32-week curriculum composed of 31 credit hours of biomedical sciences that are foundational to the practice of clinical medicine and the development of biomedical research. The MSPCS prepares its graduates for careers in science teaching, academic laboratory research, publishing or policymaking and for the pursuit of advanced research degrees in biomedical sciences or professional degrees in health care.

The MSPCS competencies for its graduates are their ability to demonstrate an understanding of fundamental scientific knowledge that is the basis for medicine and research and to display critical thinking skills in the application of that knowledge. These outcomes will be achieved through studies in seven courses covering topics in anatomy, biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology, embryology, genetics, histology, immunology, microbiology, physiology, and virology.

The Program culminates for each student with a capstone experience that exercises the student’s critical thinking about and communication of biomedical sciences, which are skills necessary in advanced graduate-level studies and in scientific research, writing, or education careers.

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