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Creating a new scientific poster for an upcoming conference? This site will provide you with tips on creating professional posters, as well as a few templates to get you started!

We proudly support students, full-time faculty and staff through high-quality large-format printing. However, to keep up with industry standards and to maintain the integrity of the Mercer University brand, we request a two-week lead time for all poster print requests.

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer these services to non-MUSM groups, but you can get posters printed from places like IKON (on the Macon Campus, phone: 478-301-COPY) and your neighborhood Fed Ex Office.

Planning Your Poster

Before beginning your poster design, identify the size and orientation requirements from conference organizers. These requirements are often relayed in terms of maximum poster size and display area.

Bear in mind that you do not need to fill the whole space allocated by some organizers, e.g., 4ft x 8ft. Do not make your poster bigger than necessary just to fill a given size. Especially in the case of poster presentations, the old adage is true: less is more. Additionally, due to the size of our printer, the largest paper width we can print on is 44 inches; please consider this restriction as you plan your poster presentation.

A poster is read like a newspaper or magazine, left to right. The reader will always have a tendency to follow the text according to large, bold headings and images provided. Planning your poster in three, or four columns of text (depending on the poster’s overall width) will help keep your poster organized so it’s easy for your reader to follow.

Designing Your Poster

Set up the page size of your poster BEFORE you begin production. We have provided you with several templates for poster sizes we commonly print. If you have a poster need that deviates from these options, contact the Office of Communications, and we’ll be pleased to assist you with a template for your specific project.

Poster PowerPoint Templates

Ordering Your Poster For Printing

To order your poster, download our poster job request form, and then send it along with your PowerPoint or print quality PDF file to

If you have any questions, contact the Office of Communications at