Mercer Family Therapy Center

The Mercer Family Therapy Center, with locations in Macon and Atlanta, offers help and assistance with a variety of problems or difficulties that you or your family and loved ones may be experiencing. As couple and family therapists, we are trained to work with families, couples and individuals from a systemic viewpoint, meaning that we consider the holistic approach to a person and relationship.

Our specialties include: Alcohol and drug treatment, counseling, dual diagnosis, family support systems, grief assistance, mental health evaluations, outpatient mental health services and outpatient substance abuse services.

At the Mercer Family Therapy Center, advanced graduate students — supervised by an experienced licensed clinician — provide family, couple and individual therapy while earning the Master of Family Therapy degree at Mercer University School of Medicine. All of our supervisors and faculty members are trained clinicians with several years of experience in the field of couple and family therapy.

For more information or to schedule a consultation at the Mercer Family Therapy Center, please contact us at one of our convenient locations.

Mercer Family Therapy Center – Atlanta Clinic
105 Collier Road Northwest #4040, Atlanta, GA
(678) 547-6789

Mercer Family Therapy Center – Macon Clinic
433 Cherry Street, Macon, GA
(478) 301-5970