Distinction in Service to the Community Program (DISC)


Distinction in Service LearningService to the community is a core value of Mercer University and Mercer University School of Medicine. The Distinction in Service to the Community (DISC) program was established to encourage students to participate in service learning through creating partnerships with local organizations and providing programs that will enrich and benefit the community. The DISC program adds an academic component and allows Mercer University School of Medicine students to be recognized for their commitment to community service. Students who fulfill there requirements of the DISC program will be acknowledged at graduation with "Distinction in Service to the Community."

Projects are based on student-identified community and population health needs. Students assume a significant level of responsibility in the collaborative planning, implementation, evaluation and dissemination of a focused community service project.

The DISC program is open to medical students at all three campuses. First year students are encouraged to apply after they have completed their Host Defense Phase. Second and third year students are encouraged to apply no later than November of their respective academic year.

The DISC Project Proposal Application (Microsoft Word) should be completed by student or student groups interested in starting a DISC project. Students must be in good academic standing to be accepted into the DISC program. The proposal must be accepted by the committee before students receive credit for project hours. Non-project (volunteer hours) can be acquired through any type of volunteer work (Mercer or non-Mercer). Once the application is reviewed and accepted, students will be permitted to start their DISC project. Students should send their proposals to their respected DISC representatives on their campus for review. Below are a list of representatives by class and campus:


Class of 2019
Ryan Williamraymond Guilbault

Class of 2018
Channing Bowers
E-mail: Channing.Elyse.Bowers@live.mercer.edu

Class of 2017
Kristen Kettelhut
E-mail: kettelhut_kl@med.mercer.edu

Class of 2016
Jenny Joseph
E-mail: joseph_j@med.mercer.edu


Class of 2019
Jenna Meredith
E-mail: Jenna.Lee.Meredith@live.mercer.edu

Class of 2018
Laurel Duvall
E-mail: Laurel.C.Duvall@live.mercer.edu

Class of 2017
Lexie Vaughn
E-mail: vaughn_lh@med.mercer.edu

Class of 2016
Lisa McCraw
E-mail: mccraw_lm@med.mercer.edu


Students who are interested in learning more about or applying to the program should contact our office at (912) 350-1734.