Savannah Campus


In 1996, Mercer University established a clinical relationship with Memorial Health, which provides instruction for third and fourth year medical students at Mercer University School of Medicine. Mercer University School of Medicine established the full four-year MD program on the Savannah Campus in 2008. Memorial University Medical Center serves as a teaching hospital for Mercer University School of Medicine. Memorial remains the sponsoring institution for the residency program officially called the Mercer University School of Medicine (Savannah) Program. Its significant growing research and service programs are recognized nationally and internationally.

Welcome Note by Dr. Wayne Glasgow, Senior Associate Dean for the Savannah Campus

Wayne Glasgow, PhD, Senior Associate Dean for the Savannah CampusIn Savannah, the educational program for the M.D. degree has grown to an entering class size of 60 from its beginning as a four year education program in 2008.  With our exceptional clinical partners, Savannah medical students receive a superb clinical education and are exposed to a diversity of clinical experiences in supportive learning settings that allows for close interaction with the medical residents and expert clinical faculty.   Additionally, our campus has a significant and rising research enterprise.  Its community and global service programs are substantial and growing.

Mercer University School of Medicine continues to build upon its 34 year history of excellence in education of tomorrow’s physicians.  Our school was founded as a public-private partnership in 1982 in order to respond to a critical shortage of primary care physicians in rural Georgia. The school was founded on the key integrating concepts of small group problem-based learning for the basic sciences in the first two years, a commitment to early and recurrent exposure of students to community and rural practice settings, and a strong focus on primary care specialties during the clinical years.  We remain committed to these concepts that uniquely prepare students for a lifetime of service and caring.  We seek highly talented and motivated students who have the ability to succeed academically and professionally in our rigorous educational, service oriented and experiential based medical curriculum.  Students that best personify our core values will be successful in a learning environment that emphasizes professionalism, achievement, discovery, diversity and inclusion.

Additional information about the Savannah Campus can be found on this page and in links therein; additional information about programs offered by the School of Medicine can be found in the School of Medicine Catalog.  Please contact us at or plan a visit to the campus to get to know us better.

Thank you for your interest in Mercer.


Wayne Glasgow, PhD
Senior Associate Dean for the Savannah Campus