Goal 1

We will lead the state in educating physicians and health professionals who practice in rural areas.


We will increase the number of quality, community-minded physicians and health professionals practicing in rural Georgia.

Our objectives:
  • By 2028, the School of Medicine will have 720 medical students.
  • By 2028, 35% of the School of Medicine’s MD graduates will practice in rural Georgia.
  • We will increase the number of MD students going into in-state, primary care residencies.
  • The School of Medicine student body will be representative of underrepresented minorities that reflect rural Georgia.
  • We will increase the number of MD applicants from diverse, rural backgrounds.
Our tactics:
  1. Develop physicians and healthcare professions who lead practices in rural areas.
  2. Recruit qualified, community-minded physicians for preceptorships.
  3. Provide a network for School of Medicine alumni and other physicians practicing in rural Georgia.
  4. Open a four-year medical school campus in Columbus.

We will effectively prepare community-minded leaders with superb basic science and clinical skills.

Our objectives:
  • Each year we will achieve a professional standards and certification pass rate equal to the national average.
  • By 2022, we will launch a PhD in rural health program and enroll 2-5 students each year.
  • By 2028, we will increase the number of PhDs awarded to at least 3 per year.
Our tactics:
  1. Expand curricular support for students.
  2. Expand clinical experiences and training.
  3. Expand degree and research programs.