Admissions Requirements

We are excited you are considering the Master of Science in Preclinical Sciences program at Mercer University School of Medicine for your graduate education. Below is information regarding our admissions process and criteria.

Application Deadlines

  • March 1, 2023: Application Opens
  • May 1, 2023: International Student Application and Materials Deadline
  • June 23, 2023: Application and Materials Deadline

Admissions Process

  • The MSPCS Program admits for fall enrollment annually.
  • We use the Postbac Centralized Application System (PostbacCAS) for all application materials.
    • To apply, go to the PostbacCAS website, create an account, and select the Mercer University MSPCS program.
    • Complete and submit all application materials and fees through the PostbacCAS system.
  • A non-refundable fee is due when the application is submitted (See the PostbacCAS website for fee details).
  • Transcripts and required courses will be verified by PostbacCAS. After your application is verified, you will receive a confirmation email from the PostbacCAS application system. PostbacCAS requires approximately 2-weeks for applications to be processed and verified. The sooner you submit all your materials to PostbacCAS, the sooner you may receive your admission decision.
  • Once the application has been verified through PostbacCAS and all required materials are received, you will receive an email from the MSPCS Admissions Office confirming the completion of your application.
  •  All required materials must be received for an application file to be considered complete and eligible for review. Each applicant will be notified by email when the application file is complete. Only complete application files will be reviewed.
  • The MSPCS Admissions Committee will evaluate each applicant holistically based on his/her academic record, test scores, personal qualities and personal goals. During the application review, applicants may be contacted for a phone interview with a member of the Admissions Committee.
  • Complete applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. The rolling review process may continue until the application cycle ends. Applicants will be notified of admissions decisions by email.
  • Accepted applicants are required to submit a $50 non-refundable deposit to Mercer University School of Medicine to hold their spot in the program. The fee will be applied to tuition upon enrollment. If an applicant submits a deposit and decides not to enroll in the fall, the deposit will be forfeited. All deposits must be submitted according to the deadline stated in the applicant’s acceptance email.

Minimum Admissions Requirements

Below are the minimum requirements to the MSPCS program. All application materials will be submitted through the PostbacCAS system. Required coursework will be verified through the PostbacCAS verification process.

  • One year of coursework with the corresponding laboratories for the following subjects:
    • General Biology
    • General or Inorganic Chemistry
    • Organic Chemistry
    • Physics
      A semester of Biochemistry with lab may be taken instead of a second semester of Organic Chemistry. AP credit may be used in place of one semester of the Physics requirement. If AP credit was received for one or more of the other courses listed above, one year of advanced courses with lab in the same discipline must be completed. All required courses must have the corresponding lab hours.
  • Official Transcripts: Submit all official transcripts to PostbacCAS. Official transcripts should show all previous undergraduate and graduate work with grades and degrees. Transcripts must be from a regionally accredited college or regionally accredited university.
    • A B.S. or B.A. degree from a regionally accredited college or university with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8 on a four-point scale.
    • The undergraduate degree and required coursework must be completed by August 15, before fall enrollment.
    • International students will be required to submit an official course-by-course evaluation of your foreign transcripts. The official evaluation should be uploaded to PostbacCAS.
  • Official Test Scores: Submit professional school or graduate school entrance exam taken within the previous two calendar years. Official scores must be submitted by the application deadline. Scores at or above the following values are preferred: GRE- 300, with 148 or above on components; MCAT- 494; and DAT- 17.
    • International students must also submit a test score report from the TOEFL examination.
    • **Applicants already holding a master’s degree or higher are exempt from submitting test scores; however, a graduate degree transcript must be submitted as a part of the required application materials.
    • Details for submission of each type of exam are included in the MSPCS PostbacCAS application instructions. For GRE score report transmission from ETS to PostbacCAS, use Designated Institution (DI) Code 0641 for Mercer University School of Medicine PostBacCAS.
  • Letters of Recommendations: Two letters of reference from college professors or other individuals who have taught or have supervised the work of the applicant. If you have previously applied to Mercer University School of Medicine’s MD program and would like to transfer your LOR to your MSPCS application, please email
  • Personal Essay: An essay of approximately 750 words discussing your educational goals related to the Master’s program, your career goals utilizing the Master’s degree, and a summary of your experience related to your career goals (such as shadowing health professionals, employment in a healthcare setting and volunteering related to the profession). You should also mention whether you held a job or other extracurricular responsibilities during your undergraduate career. You may also address any circumstances that contributed to poor academic performance or to multiple withdrawals on your transcript.

For more information about the Master of Science in Preclinical Sciences program at Mercer University School of Medicine, call 478-301-5423 or email to speak with the Admissions department.

Mercer University COVID-19 Policy for Health Science Programs

In compliance with Mercer University’s immunization policy, all School of Medicine students must have a COVID-19 vaccine or an approved exemption upon enrollment.