Faculty at MUSM are engaged in cutting-edge neuroscience research, with a focus on neurological disorders and diseases that affect thousands of Georgians, including chronic pain, addiction, traumatic brain injury and autism.

Funding Organizations

  • National Institute on Neurological Disorders and Stroke
  • National Defense Medical College of Japan
  • National Institute on Drug Abuse

Neuroscience Research Faculty

  • Chang Y. Chung, PhD


    Dr. Chung’s lab focuses on unraveling complex networks of signaling pathways controlling microglia activation to find better therapeutic options for neurodegenerative diseases and depression.
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  • Ahmed Eltokhi, PhD


    Dr. Eltokhi’s lab investigates the pathophysiological mechanisms of neuropsychiatric disorders, focusing primarily on autism and neurological diseases such as epilepsy.
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  • Ali Gheidi, PhD


    Dr. Gheidi’s lab studies the neurobiology of drug abuse. In particular, understanding how neuronal
    ensembles precipitate relapse to cocaine taking after abstinence.
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  • Seong Won Lee, PhD


    Dr. Lee’s lab studies the genetic and molecular mechanisms underlying the effect of aging in human neurons.
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  • Young Mi Oh, PhD


    Dr. Oh’s lab focuses on studying the mechanism of disease onset in neurodegenerative diseases through
    miRNA-mediated neuronal reprogramming.
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  • Rotschafer, Sarah

    Sarah Rotschafer, PhD


    Dr. Rotschafer’s lab investigates how auditory processing is altered in fragile X syndrome.
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