Year IV – Clinical

The Year IV program provides a diversity of prescribed and elective experiences that prepare students for entry into clinical practice and facilitate reflection on career goals and enhancement of skills in patient assessment, evaluation, and treatment. The Year IV program includes four required four-week experiences: a Sub-internship, Community Medicine, and two Selectives in Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Geriatric Medicine and Palliative Care, or a Sub-specialty. Students complete a minimum of sixteen weeks of electives that are done in their area of interest.  As the Year IV program is designed to allow students to round out their clinical training, only eight weeks of elective credit can be obtained in any one Sub-specialty. Eight weeks of discretionary time is provided for residency interviews and vacation.

The Year IV curriculum is further enriched by the Medical Ethics Senior Paper, which offers an opportunity to reflect on a single case from an ethical perspective, and the CPEX (Clinical Performance Exam), which prepares students for success on USMLE Step 2 CS. Year IV culminates with a one-credit-hour Capstone Course refreshing students on skills vital for success during internship.