Interview Invitation

Interviews for the 2023-2024 cycle are being conducted virtually via Zoom

The interview process at MUSM is an opportunity for our faculty, students and Admissions staff to learn more about you, and it gives you a chance to learn more about MUSM and our M.D. program and to meet with our faculty, staff and students.

Each applicant will have a 30-45 minute interview with two interviewers, with two interviewers in a Zoom breakout room. One of the interviewers is an Admissions Committee member who may be a basic science or clinical faculty member or a senior medical student. Please be aware that both interviewers have access to the primary application, the secondary application, and letters of evaluation before they interview the applicant and through the rest of that application year. Each interviewer submits their comments for the Admissions Committee’s consideration. The Admissions Committee consists of 35 voting members, and each Admissions Committee member has access to these comments as well as each applicant’s primary and secondary application, letters of recommendation, and declaration of domicile in Georgia.

Applicants will also spend one hour with MUSM Ambassadors, who are current Year II medical students. Please note that Ambassadors are assessing you during this interaction and that, unlike interviewers and Admissions Committee members, they do not generally have access to an applicant’s record. MUSM Ambassadors also submit brief written comments based on their interaction with applicants at lunch. This report is also included in the applicant’s packet and is available to the Admissions Committee as they rate and rank applicants.

An email will be sent within one week of your interview to select to give you more specific information and the Zoom link for your interview. If you have any questions, contact the Admissions department at 478-301-5425.

We hope you will enjoy your visit as you interview with us. The Admissions Office welcomes your feedback on your experience with the application and interview process for the M.D. program at MUSM and will invite you to complete an anonymous survey after the interview.  If you have any concerns with the fairness of one or more interview encounters you experienced, we encourage you to bring it to the attention of the Admissions dean before the end of your interview day. Please be aware the Admissions Deans and Admissions Office treat this feedback in confidence to evaluate the interview process and intend to use it to address any concerns applicants may have.

Admissions Contact: Bridget McDowell

Macon Campus – Mercer University School of Medicine
1550 College Street, Macon, GA 31207

Savannah Campus – Mercer University School of Medicine
1250 East 66th Street, Savannah GA 31404

Columbus Campus – Mercer University School of Medicine
33 W. 11th Street, Columbus GA 31901