Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Marriage and Family Therapy Scholarship

The Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Marriage and Family Therapy Scholarship Program was established in 2024 as part of a joint initiative between Mercer University School of Medicine and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to improve access to pediatric mental healthcare in rural Georgia. Scholars selected for this program possess a strong commitment to becoming Marriage and Family therapists and serving in rural, medically underserved areas of Georgia. Upon completion of their Autism Training, scholars will be required to work full-time for two continuous years in an approved rural Georgia county. Scholars must also serve the surrounding organizations or counties in need.


Applicants must be willing to serve in a rural Georgia county and be enrolled or accepted for the Mercer University School of Medicine two-year MFT program.

Scholarship Amount

Ten new scholarships are awarded annually. The scholarship covers 100% of tuition and fees for a maximum of two academic years.

Scholarship Renewal

Scholarships will be renewed annually for those who maintain satisfactory academic progress, actively participate in Mercer’s rural health research and leadership development activities, and display continued commitment to rural Georgia.

Service Commitment

Upon completion of the Children’s Autism Training course, the scholar must reside and practice full-time in an approved medically underserved rural Georgia county for two continuous years. The practice must also accept Medicaid. No credit will be granted for partial completion of the service obligation.

Selection Criteria

Scholars are selected based on various criteria, including a commitment to becoming an MFT, strong ties to rural Georgia, exceptional character, leadership qualities, community involvement, and other factors indicating the applicant will continue to serve in rural Georgia once the service commitment has been fulfilled.

Application Process

The application cycle will open this Summer. Scholars will be awarded after the scholarship committee reviews all applications and interviews qualified applicants.