How do I apply?

The application process opens on March 1 of each year. Detailed admissions requirements are available on the program’s Admissions page. Access the online application form.

How will I know that my file is complete?

Applicants are notified by email when all application materials have been received (online application, transcripts, test scores and two letters of recommendation). All application materials must be received before an applicant’s file is complete and ready for review for admission. Application files must be complete by June 5 for consideration for fall admission.

Applicants should contact the School of Medicine Admissions Office via email at musmadmissions@mercer.edu  if they have not received an email and want to know which materials are missing from their file.

Should I send transcripts for coursework completed at schools other than my degree-granting institution?

Yes, if the coursework counted as part of your degree. You also must submit transcripts for post baccalaureate coursework taken to meet the requirements for MSPCS admission and transcripts for all graduate or professional degree coursework that you have completed.

What test scores are accepted?

All applicants are required to submit either GRE, MCAT or DAT scores taken within the last two years. You are required to send official score reports to the School of Medicine Admissions Office via email at  musmadmissions@mercer.edu  or by postal mail to Mercer University School of Medicine, Attn: Coordinator of Admissions, 1501 Mercer University Dr., Macon, GA 31207. Also, include your test date and scores in your online application form.

Test scores are not required for graduate degree holders, but these applicants must provide an official transcript showing their graduate course work and degree award.

Do not take your professional school entrance exam (MCAT, DAT, etc.) until you have fully prepared!

If you need a test score for MSPCS admissions, please take the general GRE exam, scheduling the test so that scores are available before June 5 and making your best attempt to do well on this exam.

What institutional code do I use to order GRE score reports?

For GRE score report transmission from ETS, use institutional code 5409 and department code 0000.

Can I send MCAT scores electronically from the testing service?

No. You will need to download your score report as a pdf and send it by email to the School of Medicine Admissions Office at  musmadmissions@mercer.edu. The score report should include a verification code and your AMCAS ID. Please include “MSPCS” in the subject line of the email.

If I applied to the Mercer University School of Medicine M.D. Program, can letters of recommendation, MCAT scores and transcripts be copied into my M.S. in Preclinical Sciences application file?

Only Letters of Recommendation can be transferred from your M.D. application. After submitting your application, you must contact the School of Medicine Admissions Office at 1-800-MERCER-U or  musmadmissions@mercer.edu  to request that items be copied from your M.D. application to your M.S. in Preclinical Sciences application. You must send a new official transcript from your degree-granting institution as well as a PDF copy of the official MCAT score report.

I have taken the DAT (or other professional program entry exam). The testing service will not allow me to transmit score reports electronically to other admissions offices. How do I submit my score report for my M.S. in Preclinical Sciences application?

First, try to download your official score report from the testing service website. If that is not an option, then you must scan the official paper report that you received from the testing service. Please send your score report as a pdf file by email to the School of Medicine Admissions Office at  musmadmissions@mercer.edu. Please include “MSPCS” in the subject line of the email.

How recent do my test scores need to be?

All tests must have been taken within the two previous calendar years.

What are the preferred minimum test scores for the admissions tests?

  • MCAT: 494
  • DAT: 17 (academic average)
  • GRE: 300 (verbal and quantitative component scores of 148 or above)

What is a competitive GPA for M.S. in Preclinical Sciences admission?

The minimum GPA for admission is 2.8. Historically, the average undergraduate GPA for each class has been 3.23 – 3.25. The Admissions Committee places more weight on academic performance during the junior and senior years. Use the application essay to explain academic difficulty or gaps in your academic transcript (such as leaves of absence).

My test scores and GPA meet the preferred minimum requirements. What other parts of my application could influence my admission?

Letters: Two letters are required. Make sure these letters are submitted on time and are written by people who have supervised your work and know you well. Letters from employment supervisors are acceptable. At least one letter from an academic professor is preferred.

Essay: Clearly explain your reasons for seeking admission, your career goals, and your experiences related to your career goals. Include reasons for any academic deficiencies on your transcript or for time away from academic studies. Please proofread your essay to correct typographical errors and to make sure that your statements are clear and logical. The essay is part of the online application.

Does the M.S. in Preclinical Sciences program have a linkage agreement with the Mercer M.D. program?

No. However, of the Georgia residents in the classes of 2017, 2018 and 2019, 44% were accepted into the Mercer M.D. program. You must be a Georgia resident for admission to the Mercer M.D. program.