Primary Care Accelerated Track (PC-ACT) Program

Three Sites, Two Tracks, One Primary Care Mission

This program allows for students interested in a career in family medicine or general internal medicine the opportunity to complete their medical school coursework in an accelerated 3-year program of study.

This PC-ACT curriculum builds upon the strengths of the MUSM problem-based curriculum with clinical experiences and community medicine activities built into the preclinical curriculum and reinforced through continued longitudinal clinical experiences at the ACT site, clerkships, sub-internships, and elective experiences.

The educational objectives for this program are comparable to those for the four-year MD program. The curriculum is essentially the same as the curriculum for the 4-year MD program but is compressed into 130 weeks of instructional time.

The program offers more educational contact opportunities between students and the respective residency faculty in the chosen specialty at their assigned site. The Family Medicine Accelerated Track is offered in Savannah, Macon, and Columbus. The Internal Medicine Accelerated Track is offered in Savannah and Macon. The plan for student graduates of the PC-ACT Program at Mercer is to complete their residency training at their ACT site.

Students may apply for admission in this program as a first-year medical student and through direct admission following acceptance of admission to the four-year program.

Applicants must be accepted to MUSM's 4 year M.D. program prior to applying for the Accelerated Track.

Students must demonstrate a commitment to excellence and a strong desire to enter a career in family medicine or general internal medicine. Since this program is an accelerated three-year curriculum, demonstrated evidence of academic excellence is a requirement for acceptance.

Only students who meet the following criteria will be considered for the program:

  •  A firm commitment to primary care
  • Maturity necessary to be successful in an accelerated three year program
  • A strong academic record

Once accepted, a student may remain in the program as long as they remain satisfactory in all educational programs. A student who becomes unsatisfactory in any program will be returned to the four-year MD program. A student may opt to return to the four-year MD program at any time.


Year 1 (40 hours)

Fall Semester                                                                                                 20

Foundations of Medicine                        MED FOM 600.               17

Professional Growth/Development 1  MED PGD 600.                3

Spring Semester                                                                                        20

Organ Systems – Block 1                             MED ORG 610.            17

Population Health 1                                     MED POH 600.             3


Year 2 (40 hours)

Fall Semester                                                                                         26

Biomedical Problem Program                   MED BMP 700. 11

Clinical Skills                                                    MED CLN 700.          1

Community Medicine                                  MED CMP 713.                4

Family Med/Community Med                  MED FCM 700.  6 (Family Medicine Track only)

Internal Medicine/Community                Med MED ICM 700. 6 (Internal Medicine Track Only)

Longitudinal Rotation                                  MED LON 700.                4

Spring Semester                                                                                         17

Biomedical Problem Program                   MED BMP 700.               11

Bioethics (Spans Year 1 & 2)                     MED BIE 700.  1

Clinical Skills (14.5 hours)                          MED CLN 700.  1

Longitudinal Rotation                                  MED LON 700.  4

Year 3 (Three clerkships are taken each semester)

Surgery (8 weeks)                                         MED CLK 810.                   8

Pediatrics (8 weeks)                                    MED CLK 812.                 8

Psychiatry (4 weeks)                                    MED CLK 813.                   4

Obstetrics/Gynecology                               MED CLK 814.                 6

Family Medicine                                            MED CLK 817.                   4

Emergency Medicine                                   MED CLK 818.                 2

Family Med/Community Med                  MED FCM 800. 5 (Family Medicine Track Only)

Internal Med/Community Med               MED ICM 800. 9 (Internal Medicine Track Only)

Longitudinal Course (Fall and Spring)    MED MED 800.

Students enrolled in the 3 year Accelerated Track Program are eligible to receive the Primary Care Mission Scholarship. The scholarship covers 100% tuition for the final 2 years of medical school in exchange for a commitment to practice either Family Medicine or General Internal Medicine for 3 years in a rural or medically underserved Georgia county. The Medical practice must accept Medicaid patients. (Other primary care specialties may be added at a later date.)


Family Medicine

  • State of the Art Family Health Center: a 42-exam room, Level 3 Patient Centered Medical Home setting with onsite lab, x-ray, procedures and Behavioral Therapy. 
  • Full spectrum hospital Family Medicine care with continuity for our ICU, Ob, Pediatric and Palliative patients.
  • Strong Integrative Medicine in Residency curriculum woven throughout the program, including hands-on training in manual, botanical, and mind-body medicine.

Family Medicine Residency information can be found here. 

Macon Family Medicine Family Medicine Director

Dr. Roberta Weintraut, Macon FM-ACT Director

Dr. Roberta Weintraut

  • Excellent training in fullscope family medicine, including procedures, with flexibility in the curriculum to pursue personal interests within the specialty.
  • Passionate faculty with unique backgrounds who are dedicated to an environment that promotes high quality learning and work-life balance.
  • Program focus on serving a diverse patient population and engaging the community.

Family Medicine Residency information can be found here.  

Savannah Family Medicine Residency Director
Dr. Robert Pallay, Savannah Family Medicine Residency Director

Dr. Robert Pallay

  • Low faculty to student ratio allows for more personalized experience.
  • Training at multiple hospitals giving you a greater diversity of experiences.
  • Students often get to work one on one with attending acting as first assistant.

Family Medicine Residency information can be found here

Columbus Family Medicine Accelerated Track Director
Dr. Janine Burger-Jones, Columbus FM ACT Director

Dr. Janine Burgher- Jones


Internal Medicine

  • Residents are able to train in a broad and richly diverse inpatient and outpatient setting.
  • Program is dynamic, adaptive and small enough to have excellent collegial communication.
  • Good balance autonomy and supervised teaching.

Internal Medicine Residency Information can be found here



  • Strong core clinical faculty, outstanding 1:1 faculty/ACTstudent/resident interaction.
  • Excellent training site for primary care — 100% board pass rate with many graduates opting for primary care practice upon graduation.

Internal Residency Program information can be found here.  

Savannah Internal Medicine Co-Director

Dr. Desh Nepal, Savannah IM-ACT Co-Director Dr. Desh NepalDr. Callie Downing, Savannah IM-ACT Co-Director Dr. Callie Downing

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