Bear Essentials

Bear Essentials Program

The MUSM Bear Essentials program is a student-led initiative created to recruit under-represented in medicine (URiM) students into the field of medicine. This program supports URiM students by providing necessary resources to help them apply and succeed in their journey to medical school. The goal of this program is to diversify the physician workforce to help combat health disparities across the state of Georgia.

Several events take place throughout the year to offer support to URiM undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine.

Bear Essentials Webinar Series

The Bear Essentials webinar series provides URiM students a step-by-step introduction to the medical school application process. Guest speakers and current medical students share their experience on how to succeed on the MCAT and compile a competitive medical school application.

There are currently no scheduled webinars. Check back for the next series to be announced.

Bear Essentials Conference

There are currently no scheduled conferences. Check back for the next event to be announced.

The Bear Essentials Conference is a one-day event where undergraduate URiM students who are interested in medicine join us at MUSM’s campus. This year’s event took place on March 26 in Savannah and included:

  • Keynote speaker Dr. Abby Abisogun, Endocrinologist
  • Presentations by our Dean Jean Sumner, MD, FACP; Wanda Thomas, Chief Diversity Officer
  • Participation in a suture clinic
  • A tour of the medical school and Memorial Health University Medical Center
  • A resident and medical student panel discussion
  • A discussion with representatives from the MUSM Office of Admissions

These second-year MD students coordinated this event and guided participants through The Bear Essentials experience:

The Bear Essentials Conference application is now closed.