John T. (Jack) Clark, PhD


  • BA, Biology, Southampton College of Long Island University
  • MA, Physiology and Behavioral Biology, San Francisco State University
  • PhD, Physiology, Stanford University School of Medicine
  • Postdoctoral Fellow,  Neuroendocrinology, University of Florida College of Medicine

Research Interest

Dr. Clark’s past research focused on the endocrine and neural regulation of sexual, ingestive, and cardiovascular function in relationship to aging. Dr. Clark’s current research is focused on medical education and curriculum development/assessment.

Selected Publications

  • Chirwa, S., Nwabuiss, C.R., Ladso, G.M., Karley, L., Whitty, J,E,, Atkinson, R., amd CLARK, J.T.[2018]. Poor sleep quality is associated with higher hemoglobin A1c in pregnant women: A pilot observational study. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH 15, 2887; doi 10.3390/ijerph151102287.
  • Butler, B., Gamble-George, J., Prins, P., North, A., CLARK, J.T., and Khoshbouei, H. [2014].Chronic Methamphetamine Increases Alpha-Synuclein Protein Levels in the Striatum and Hippocampus, but Not in Cortex of Juvenile Mice. JOURNAL OF ADDICTION AND PREVENTION 2(2):6 .
  • North, A., Swent, J., Saha, K, Salvatore, M.F., Gamble-George, J., Prins, P., Butler, B., Mittal, M.K., Hasting, R., CLARK, J.T., and Khoshbouei, H. [2013]. Chronic Methamphetamine Exposure Produces a Delayed, Long-lasting Memory Deficit. SYNAPSE 67:245-257.
  • CLARK, J.T., Chakraborty-Chatterjee, M., Hamblin, M., Wyss, J.M., and Fentie, I.H. [2004]. Estrogen Depletion Differentially Affects Blood Pressure Depending on Age In Long-Evans Rats. ENDOCRINE 25:173-186.
  • Fentie, I.H., Greenwood, M.M., Wyss, J.M., and CLARK, J.T. [2004]. Age-Related Decreases in Gonadal Hormones in Long-Evans Rats: Relationship to Rise in Arterial Pressure. ENDOCRINE 25:15-22
  • Peng, N. , CLARK, J.T., Wei, C.C. and Wyss, J.M. [2003]. Estrogen Depletion Increases Blood Pressure and Decreases Anterior Hypothalamic Nucleus Norepinephrine Release in Middle-Aged Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats. HYPERTENSION 41:1164-1167.
  • CLARK, J.T. [1995]. Sexual function in altered physiological states – comparison of effects of hypertension, diabetes, hyperprolactinemia and others to “normal” aging in male rats. NEUROSCIENCE AND BIOBEHAVIORAL REVIEWS 19:279-302.
  • Smith, E.R., Stefanick, M.L., CLARK, J.T., and Davidson, J.M. [1992]. Hormones and sexual behavior in relationship to aging in male rats. HORMONES AND BEHAVIOR 26:110-135.
  • CLARK, J.T., Sahu, A., Mrotek, J.J., and Kalra, S.P. [1991]. Sexual function and neuropeptide Y levels in selected brain regions in male spontaneously hypertensive rat. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY 261 (REGULATORY, INTEGRATIVE AND COMPARATIVE PHYSIOLOGY 30):R1234-R1241.
  • CLARK, J.T., Smith, E.R., and Davidson, J.M. [1984]. Enhancement of sexual motivation in male rats by yohimbine. SCIENCE 225:847-849.
  • CLARK, J.T., Kalra, P.S., Crowley, W.R. and Kalra. S.P. [1984]. Neuropeptide Y and human pancreatic polypeptide stimulate feeding behavior in rats. ENDOCRINOLOGY 115:427-429.

Professional Involvement

  • American Physiological Society
  • Endocrine Society
  • International Academy of Sex Research

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