Katey Hughes, PhD


  • BS, Biology, Winthrop University
  • PhD, Biomedical Sciences – Physiology, University of Florida

Selected Publications

  • Smith BN, Burgess KS, and Hughes KS (2021). Effect of Estrogen Pretreatment on Cell Viability Following Stress Response. Georgia Journal of Science, 79(2).
  • Hughes KS (2018). Encouraging Student Participation in Peer-Led Discussion Sessions. HAPS Educator, 22(1):55-60.
  • Grimes WE and Hughes KS (2015). Protective Effects of Conjugated Equine Estrogens and 17-β Estradiol on Oxidatively Stressed Astrocytes. Eastern Biologist, 4:1-10.
  • Hughes KS (2011). Research on Learning: Peer-Assisted Learning Strategies in Human Anatomy and Physiology. The American Biology Teacher, 73(3):144-147.
  • Sellers KW, Sun C, Diez-Freire C, Waki H, Morisseau C, Falck JR, Hammock BD, Paton JF, Raizada MK (2005). Novel mechanism of brain soluble epoxide hydrolase-mediated blood pressure regulation in the spontaneously hypertensive rat. FASEB J, 19(6):626-8.
  • Sun C, Sellers KW, Sumners C, Raizada MK (2005). NAD(P)H oxidase inhibitor attenuates neuronal chronotropic actions of Angiotensin II. Circ Res, 96(6):659-66.
  • Veerasingham SJ, Sellers KW, Raizada MK (2004). Functional genomics as an emerging strategy for the investigation of central mechanisms in experimental hypertension. Progress in Biophysics & Molecular Biology, 84:107-123.
  • Yang H, Francis SC, Sellers K, DeBarros M, Sun C, Sumners C, Ferrario CM, Katovich MJ, Muro AF, Raizada MK (2002). Hypertension-linked decrease in the expression of brain gamma-adducin. Circ Res, 91(7):633-9.
  • Sellers KW, Katovich MJ, Gelband CH, Raizada MK (2001). Gene therapy to control hypertension: Current studies and future perspectives. The American Journal of the Medical Sciences.

Professional Involvement

  • Three Rivers Area Health Education Center, Board Member

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