Raghavan Chinnadurai, PhD


  • BS, Microbiology, Bharathidasan University
  • MS, Microbiology, Bharathidasan University
  • PhD, Human Biology, University of Ulm
  • Postdoctoral Study, Immunology, Cell Therapy, Emory University
  • Staff Scientist, Stem Cell Biology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research Interest

Dr. Chinnadurai’s lab focuses on understanding the immunobiology of Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells (MSCs) which are the non-hematopoietic stem cells of the bone marrow. His research aims to define the putative role of MSCs in cancer and inflammatory disorders and bring forward their application in cell and regenerative therapy.

Selected Publications

  • Click here to see the full list of Dr. Chinnadurai’s work.


  • WES-Leukemia Research Foundation: Interferon gamma primed donor Mesenchymal Stromal cells to mitigate Graft Vs Host Disease. (Principal Investigator)”

Professional Involvement

  • Atlanta Pediatrics Research Alliance
  • International Society for Cell Therapy (ISCT)

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