Nathan Deal Scholarship

Nathan Deal Scholarship

Nathan Deal Scholarship PinThe Mercer University School of Medicine (MUSM) Nathan Deal Scholarship will identify students who are committed to practice medicine in medically underserved rural areas of Georgia. Recipients of the scholarship will be named Nathan Deal Scholars. These Scholars will receive financial assistance and leadership training to successfully meet the healthcare needs of rural Georgia.


Must be enrolled or accepted for enrollment in the 4 year MD program at MUSM and be a Georgia resident with strong ties to rural Georgia.

Scholarship Amount

Scholarship covers 85% to 100% MUSM tuition for a maximum of 4 academic years. Approximately 7 - 8 new scholarships will be awarded annually.

Scholarship Renewal

Awards will be renewed annually for Nathan Deal Scholars who maintain satisfactory academic progress, actively participate in MUSM rural health research and leadership development activities, and display continued commitment to rural Georgia.

Service Commitment

Upon completion of residency, 4 years of continuous full-time medical practice in a medically underserved rural Georgia county is required. The medical practice must accept Medicaid patients. No credit will be granted for partial completion of the service obligation. In the event the service obligation is not fulfilled the principal balance of the scholarship, along with liquidated damages in the amount of $50,000, will become due and payable. The Scholars will have the option to convert the $50,000 liquidated damages plus the principal balance of the scholarship to a 7.5% loan that must be repaid within 10 years.

Application Process

The Scholarship Committee will review all submitted applications and schedule interviews with the most qualified applicants on a rolling basis. Once all scholarships have been awarded, the application process will be closed until the following year.

Selection Criteria

Nathan Deal Scholars will be selected by the Physicians for Rural Georgia Program Committee based on the applicant’s strong ties to rural Georgia, character, leadership qualities, community involvement, and characteristics that indicate a high likelihood of continuing to serve in rural Georgia once the scholarship’s medical service commitment has been fulfilled.