Chang Y. Chung, PhD


  • BS, Zoology, Seoul National University
  • MS, Zoology, Seoul National University
  • PhD, Cell Biology, Duke University
  • Postdoctoral Study, Molecular Genetics, University of California, San Diego

Research Interest

Dr. Chung’s laboratory focuses on unraveling the complex networks of signaling pathways controlling microglia activation/chemotaxis to find better therapeutic options for neurodegenerative diseases and depression.

Selected Publications

  • Ben Bassett, Selvaraj Subramaniyam, Yang Fan, Seth Varney, Hope Pan, Ana M.D. Carneiro, Chang Y. Chung (2021). Minocycline alleviates depression-like symptoms by rescuing decrease in neurogenesis in dorsal hippocampus via blocking microglia activation/phagocytosis. Brain Behavior and Immunity 91:519-530
  • Xiaoye Feng, Yang Fan, Chang Y. Chung (2020). Mefenamic acid can attenuate depressive symptoms by suppressing microglia activation induced upon chronic stress. Brain Res. 1740:146846
    Yang Fan, Austin R. Surendranath, Janak L. Pathak and Chang Y. Chung (2018). Differential regulation of adhesion and phagocytosis by dopamine in resting and activated microglia. Front. Cell. Neurosci. 12:309
  • Yang Fan, Lirui Xie, and Chang Y. Chung (2017). Signaling Pathways Controlling Microglia Chemotaxis. Mol. Cells 40:12-15.
  • Sang-Hyun Lee, Neetu Sud, Narae Lee, Chang Y. Chung (2016). Regulation of Integrin a6 Recycling by iPLA2 to Promote Microglia Chemotaxis on Laminin. J. Biol. Chem. 291:23645-23653.
  • Oliver, KH, Jessen, T, Crawford, EL, Chung, CY, Sutcliffe, JS, Carneiro, AM (2014). Pro32Pro33 Mutations in the Integrin aIIbb3 PSI Domain Results in aIIbb3 Priming and Enhanced Adhesion: Reversal of the Hypercoagulability Phenotype by the Src Inhibitor SKI-606. Mol Pharmacol 85:921-31.
  • Chung, C. Y., A. Feoktistov, R. J. Hollingsworth, F. Rivero, N. S. Mandel (2013). An attenuating role of a WASP-related protein, WASP-B, in the regulation of F-actin polymerization and pseudopod formation via the regulation of RacC during Dictyostelium chemotaxis. Biochem Biophys Res Comm 436:719-24.
  • Sang-Hyun Lee, Ryan Hollingsworth, Hyeok-Yil Kwon, Chang Y. Chung (2012). β-Arrestin 2-dependent activation of ERK1/2 is required for ADP-induced paxillin phosphorylation at Ser83 and microglia chemotaxis. Glia 60: 1366–1377.
  • Lee, S., Schneider C., Higdon, A.N., Darley-Usmar , V.M., and C.Y. Chung (2011). Role of iPLA2 in the regulation of Src trafficking and microglia chemotaxis. Traffic 12:878-89.
  • Lee, S. and C.Y. Chung (2009). Role of VASP phophorylation for the regulation of microglia chemotaxis via the regulation of focal adhesion formation/maturation. Molecular Cellular Neuroscience 42:382-390.


  • National Foundation of Science China (31671450) Role of iPLA2 in the regulation of integrin alpha V and MT1-MMP recycling (2017-2019) Principal Investigator: Chang Chung
  • NIH/NIGMS (RO1 GM068097) Spatial regulation of cytoskeleton during chemotaxis
    (2003 – 2014) Principal Investigator: Chang Chung
  • NIH/NHLBI (1R01HL089466) Saturated fatty acid-induced macrophage migration: Role of toll-like receptor (2007-2012), Consultant
  • American Heart Association (0655167B) Cytoskeleton regulation by VASP phosphorylation
    (2006 – 2008) Principal Investigator: Chang Chung
  • The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Special Fellow Award,
    Dissection of signaling pathways regulating WASP function
    (2000 – 2003) Principal Investigator: Chang Chung

Professional Involvement

  • American Society for Cell Biology
  • Biophysical Society
  • Society for Neuroscience
  • Editorial Boards
    • BMC Molecular and Cell Biology, Associate Editor
    • Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, Associate Editor
    • Cell Stress, Associate Editor

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