Diversity Committee

Mission and Values

The role of the Mercer University School of Medicine (MUSM) Diversity and Inclusion Committee is to develop, guide, and advance initiatives that build and strengthen the educational, organizational, and institutional diversity, equity, and inclusion climate of MUSM. To achieve this, MUSM adopts a definition of diversity that embraces race, ethnicity, gender and gender identity, religion, and sexual orientation, social and cultural attributes, rural or metropolitan background, and disability. The definition of diversity also includes life experiences, record of service and employment, and other talents and personal attributes that can enhance the scholarly and learning environment.

The committee’s mission and values involve a commitment to:

  • Transparency and open communication
  • Inclusivity with representation in decision-making and governance
  • Community building as a model for governance
  • Engagement and interconnectedness
  • Accessibility


Based upon ongoing assessment of needs, strengths, and opportunities for improvement across the School’s programs, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee is guided by the following goals:

  1. Identify opportunities for school programming and activities to promote and provide advising and guidance on recommendations related to:
    1. Creating an inclusive climate at MUSM
    2. Developing diversity and inclusion content in the MUSM curriculum through pedagogical skill training and support in the various MUSM educational programs
    3. Recruitment, admission, enrollment, retention, and support of a diverse student body at MUSM
    4. Recruitment and retention of a diverse faculty and support staff at MUSM
  2. Engage in opportunities for cross-departmental collaboration with other University colleges engaged in initiatives related to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  3. Support training of faculty, staff, and students to provide a welcoming, inclusive, and equitable climate for all at MUSM

Committee Membership

The MUSM Committee is comprised of students, staff, and faculty. Faculty and staff are elected on an annual basis. Students are selected from the leadership of the Diversity in Medicine Interest Group.