Where are the training programs located?

Our program has two campuses, one in Macon and one in Atlanta.

How long does it take to complete this program?

If a student completes all requirements as scheduled, the program will be completed in two years (six semesters). This depends on acquiring 500 hours of direct client contact and 100 hours of supervision in the three required semesters of practicum. Students who do not earn these hours are required to complete additional semesters.

How many students are enrolled in the program?

Each campus of the program accepts up to 25 students in a cohort.

Do I have to take the GRE?

One of the requirements for admission to the program is submission of GRE scores taken within the past five years.

What are the GPA requirements for entry to the program?

The minimal GPA for admission to the program is 2.5.

Does the program tend to favor those with a family studies or child development background?

No. Our experience is that applicants from a variety of backgrounds are successful as students and clinicians.

What careers are M.F.T. graduates qualified for, and what are some typical jobs that graduates obtain?

Graduates are prepared for careers providing mental health services to individuals, couples and families in a wide variety of settings. Recent graduates have found work as outpatient therapists at public mental health agencies, in-home therapists, hospital social workers, addictions counselors and private practices.

What kinds of skills or theory in family therapy does your program have?

Our program prepares students to practice therapy using a broad range of therapeutic approaches, including Structural Therapy, Strategic Therapy, Bowenian Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Oriented Therapy and Narrative Therapy. In addition to treatments skills, students learn how to manage mental health crises, conduct biopsychosocial assessments, develop treatment plans, collaborate with other healthcare providers, and learn skills necessary for success as a therapist in private practice or working for an agency. As part of Mercer’s mission, students also receive specialized training in providing services to rural and underserved populations and learn how to incorporate sensitivity to diversity and social justice issues into their clinical work. Mercer students have unique opportunities to learn how to provide integrative behavioral health services through specialized coursework in Medical Family Therapy.

Where do your students train to learn therapeutic skills?

Students complete a yearlong, 500-hour clinical practicum, where they hone their skills as family therapists. The practicum includes both work at our public clinic and the Mercer Family Therapy Center and an internship providing mental health services in hospitals, public health agencies, private practices or psychiatric treatment settings.

Is the program COAMFTE accredited? Why is that important?

The Mercer Family Therapy Program is Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE). This ensures that students are offered a quality education that meets the highest standards set for the profession of Marriage and Family Therapy. Attending a COAMFTE accredited program means students will automatically meet the educational requirements for licensure as a marriage and family therapist in the state of Georgia.

Is the MUSM M.F.T. program a good match for me?

We know that choosing a graduate program is a big decision. To help you decide whether our program is a good fit, we offer opportunities to tour our facilities, meet our faculty and current students and sit in on a class!

Can I work full time or part time while in the program?

Students generally find that it is possible to work during the first year of classes, but it often difficult to continue working full time during the second year of classes when they are completing their clinical internships. However, some students have successfully worked throughout their entire time in the program.

Are classes offered during the day, at night or both?

Courses are offered in the evening at the Macon campus and during the day at the Atlanta campus.

How many times per week do students attend each class?

Students attend each class just once per week. Classes are three hours in the fall and spring semesters, and four hours in the summer semester.

Can I be admitted in the spring semester?

The Macon campus currently accepts spring admissions.

Is there an orientation for incoming students in the M.F.T. program?

All students complete an orientation before the first week of class.