Jaehwa Choi, PhD

Jaehwa ChoiEducation

  • BS, Pharmacy, Pusan National University
  • MS, Pharmacy, Seoul National University
  • PhD, Pharmacology & Toxicology, University of Mississippi Medical Center
  • Postdoctoral Study, Neurobiology, The Scripps Research Institute
  • Postdoctoral Study, Physiology, University of Mississippi Medical Center

Research Interest

Dr. Choi’s long-term research goals are to enhance student learning, especially in the field of medical education. The application of retrieval practice and other cognitive psychology-based learning strategies to enhance learning is the prevailing theme of Dr. Choi’s current scholarly activity.

Selected Publications

  • J Choi and CE Azmat (2021) Leukotriene Receptor Antagonists. StatPearls PMID: 32119332
  • J Choi and A Fenando (2020) Sulfasalazine. StatPearls PMID: 32491741
  • J Choi and J Shuman (2020) Homeostasis in osmolality and regulatory mechanisms in body water balance. Team-Based Learning Collaborative
  • R W R Guilbault, S Lee, B Lian, and J Choi (2020) Predictors of USMLE Step 1 outcomes: charting successful study habits. Medical Science Educator
  • J Choi and KA Horner (2019) Dopamine Agonists. StatPearls PMID: 31869150
  • J Choi, KA Horner, and K Carnevale (2019) Atazanavir. StatPearls PMID: 31869072

Professional Involvement

  • International Association of Medical Science Educators
  • Association of American Medical Colleges
    • Southern Group on Educational Affairs
    • Special Interest Group
    • Pathway, Pipeline, and Bridge Programs

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