James Drummond, PhD

Drummond, JamesEducation

  • BS, Biology, St. Mary’s College of Maryland
  • MA, Immunology and Infectious Disease, Johns Hopkins University
  • PhD, Immunology & Virology, Johns Hopkins University

Research Interest

Dr. Drummond is interested in the development of novel drug targeting methods using the body’s own receptor/ligand pairing. He hopes to optimize methods for the targeting of exosome formulations to bring drugs, miRNA, cytokines, etc. to specific target tissues. Dr. Drummond’s background as a Research Immunologist has led him to examining immuno-cell based assays with functional readouts such as killing, phagocytosis, or signaling. He also has experience with ex-vivo biomarker and immunogenicity assays in support of biologic drug development. Additionally, he has experience with animal surgery techniques, in support of biologic treatments for sepsis. Previously, his laboratory developed assays utilizing engineered cell lines to measure Fc receptor binding and function of therapeutic mAbs. Other work in the biologics field included studies of binding, PK, and stability of differentially glycosylated antibodies in non-human primates.  

Selected Publications

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  • 2019 Mercer University Seed Grant: Surface modification of exosomes to improve target cell engagement and inhibit phagocytic clearance./public/
  • 2018 Navicent Health Foundation: Surface Antigen Modified Exosome.

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